Data Intelligence for eCommerce

Pricing, assortment, campaigns, performance and more!

We monitor the factors that affect your business conversion rate

How many times have you suffered a drop in your conversion rate and no one was able to explain why?

Get Knowledge

We help our clients get a detailed knowledge about their online store, from brands, categories to products pages in a matter of clicks.

360° Ecommerce vision

CRAWLO is a business oriented software to keep an up to date 360° vision of the products, prices, availability, shipping (and other details) as well as those of your competitors…

Customized Dashboard

Friendly designed dashboards and alerting notifications customized as needed by the business teams and users.

Unveil Your Competitor's Ecommerce Strategy

Easily detect the best selling brands and categories

What are your competitors product’s strategies?

Your competitors are improving their catalog and renewing their product strategy on a daily basis, CRAWLO can track millions of products giving you detailed reports about the strategy they are implementing.

How are global prices changing and how does that impact your sales?

Prices can have a major impact on your sales, CRAWLO tracks your product prices as well as those of your competitors, we compare them allowing you to have a global vision about your price changes and your competitor’s.

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Monitor your shipping deadlines and those of your competitors

Pricing isn’t always the most important conversion rate factor, 50% of abandoned purchases are due to inadequate delivery options, this shows how important it is to provide choice to your costumers. CRAWLO monitors your delivery options on every product on daily basis, and compares it to those of your competitors.

Improve your Content Quality

According to HubSpot, 73% of consumers get frustrated over irrelevant web content, on the other hand 95% of purchase decisions are taken by the “emotional brain”, using content rich in images and videos helps you increase your sales considerably. With CRAWLO you can measure the content quality for each one of your products and compare it to the one of your competitors

Track your services and the ones of your competitors

Ecommerce isn’t just about products, value added services such as financing, warranties, installation, return policy and shipping costs are crucial for users. CRAWLO monitors all these services and analyses their daily variation to make sure you offer the best to your clients

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Monitor your client’s product reviews and get valuable feedback.

Review are a constant source of feedback, users often give you information about product, price, availability, etc. This information can help your customer support and sales strategy. In addition, reviews can significantly improve your sales, that’s why CRAWLO tracks all reviews and analyses its impact on your sales

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  • Up to 99K product
  • Daily update
  • Campaing monitoring
  • Setup 200€ / site tracked


  • From 100K to 999K product
  • Daily update
  • Campaing monitoring
  • Content Quality
  • Service monitoring
  • Technical monitoring
  • Setup 200€ / site tracked


  • From 1M to 3M product
  • Daily update
  • Campaing monitoring
  • Content Quality
  • Service monitoring
  • Technical monitoring
  • Setup Free

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Meet the Team

We are a passionate team of developers, business analysts and marketing experts

Lakil Essady

CEO, Designing the product to fit the needs of customers.


CTO, Head of technology and Instrastuctures

Othman Lahoui

CMO, Digital addict, Scrum lover and Orchester of our 10 000 ideas and overflowing energy

Ayoub Oudmane

Data Scientist & Big Data Strategist Designing, Coding and Overseeing all aspect of visible artefacts

Omar Ajouaou

Software Engineer with a strong background in search, big data, distributed systems, machine learning